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General / Welcome to Mundo Smilies Forum!
« Last post by xLaming on 04/12/2019, 05:11:43 »

Thank you for joining to the Mundosmilies forum,

Please follow our rules to prevent from being banned.

Welcome aboard!
General / Rules
« Last post by xLaming on 04/12/2019, 05:04:53 »
  • This forum is international, so you can post any language, our official languages are English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Do not post inappropriate or offensive content, including posts, links, avatars and names.
  • Please be respectful to other users, we all are a family and we can not be rude to others.
  • Do not spam links or images. This includes posts and signatures.
  • Do not double post, we should keep our place clear.
  • Advertising is not allowed. You can only share links found on or
  • Do no ask for free products such as xats, days, powers etc.
  • Disputes about chats or users should not be discussed.
  • You can not sell xat products in our forum. If you want to sell IDs please use xat forum.
  • Do not post personal information about yourself or anyone else.
  • Respect all decisions made by the Mundosmilies staff, if you think the action was unfair report to a higher rank.
  • You may select the correct language when posting something, if the language is not available leave it as "ENGLISH".
Follow all rules to avoid being punished from our forum.
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